Entertainment Group

OLIVARES is perhaps the only true one-stop shop for media, entertainment law in Mexico. The origin of this industry team stems from our being one of the first law firms in Mexico to address copyright law matters directly. Having worked with Mexican companies as well as some of the world’s largest media and entertainment companies we have come to understand that legal matters in this industry are specialized and often interlinked.

By having specific knowledge of how media, sports and entertainment companies conduct business, and what is of key importance to their bottom line, we help in protecting their rights related to all aspects of IP:






Copyright attorneys lead the charge within the group. Our experience has taught us that to offer the best services in the media and entertainment industries we must speak the technical language of the industry. Our copyright lawyers are experts and work hand in hand with team members that represent other legal areas, for example litigation, contractual or regulatory, and in this way we are able to truly manage your legal matters and provide dynamic solutions to problems.