Mexican Government orders the creation of a National Registry of Mobile Telephones Users.

Apr – 28 – 2021

On April 16, 2021, an amendment to the Federal Telecommunications and Broadcasting Law was published in the Official Gazette, aimed at the creation of a National Registry of Mobile Telephone Users, by means of which it is intended to create a database with information on individuals or legal entities who own mobile telephone lines.

These new provisions were created with the purpose of collaborating with the competent authorities involved in the combat of crimes via telephone.

Among the users’ data that will be required for registration in the National Registry are:

  1. Mobile telephone line number
  2. Date and time of activation
  3. Name of the user (individual or company)
  4. Nacionality
  5. Official identification number
  6. Biometric data of the user or of the legal representative of the user company
  7. Domicile
  8. Data of the telecommunications concessionaire
  9. Contracting scheme (postpaid or prepaid) and
  10. Notices of change in any of the above data

The registration of the mobile telephone line number, including all of the aforementioned requirements, is mandatory for all users of mobile telephones in Mexico, and the telecommunications concessionaires will be responsible for collecting and updating or modifying the users’ information, which will be available for Mexican competent authorities.

In the event that the user of a mobile telephone line existing prior to the reform does not carry out such registration within the next two years counted as from the publication of the reform, the Federal Telecommunications Institute will have the power to request the cancellation of the mobile telephone line service.

In relation to new mobile telephone line services, the concessionaires or authorized parties will have a term of six months, counted as from the publication of the general administrative provisions by the Federal Telecommunications Institute, in order to register the respective user´s data.

This reform has caused great concern and discontent among specialists in the field, as well as among users in general, due to the lack of security that has been observed in the past in the handling of personal data by the Government, as well as the disproportionate demands it places on mobile telephone line users, forcing them to reveal sensitive data such as biometric data, in contravention of international trends.

The OLIVARES team in charge of New Technologies and Data Privacy is prepared to advise and, if necessary, represent those clients who wants to take action against this reform, by means of an Amparo suit, which would need to be filed at most on May 31, 2021.

This newsletter is intended only as a general discussion of the addressed issues, and should not be regarded as legal advice.

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