Anti-Piracy, Anti-Counterfeiting & Enforcement

As the number of enforcement actions pursued by large companies in the fight against piracy and counterfeiting worldwide grows, our dedicated attorneys and investigators across Mexico and Latin America are working more closely with law enforcement agencies and customs officials than ever before.

OLIVARES’ Anti-Counterfeiting Group has been aggressively pursuing those who seek to gain from and devalue the intellectual property rights of our clients since the firm’s inception in 1969. We have proven that, when it is time to take action, we are efficient, effective, and well worth the investment. Because each client has specific challenges, goals, and needs, OLIVARES designs tailor-made strategies, tactics, and operations for each client.

We use a variety of techniques to uncover violations of our clients’ intellectual property rights, to seize and destroy counterfeit items, and to train customs officials to recognize fake merchandise. The firm also cooperates with national and international law enforcement agencies to identify counterfeiters.