Regulatory Law

Change in regulations is constant due to economic, political, and legal factors. We closely monitor the changes to clarify obstacles, create strategies, and navigate the regulatory maze. We drill into the specifics of the regulations because the best business ideas still need to meet restrictions.

To ensure a full-service operation for our intellectual property clients, OLIVARES has expanded the firm’s capabilities to include Regulatory Law. This was a natural progression given our firm’s specialized background and history.

This intricate area of law poses huge challenges for our clients and we help them navigate these strict regulatory requirements concerning their products and services — food, beverages, media, pesticides, medicine and biotechnology.

Additionally, OLIVARES counsels corporations and trade associations on lobbying strategies regarding the creation, adjustment and implementation of laws regulations, and procedures. We are the only IP firm in Mexico to be registered lobbyists before Congress.

With our technical background and depth of knowledge as well as the experience of our attorneys, many of whom have studied US and European regulatory systems, we have been instrumental in changing the regulatory requirements for many products in Mexico.  Our commitment to achieving proper intellectual property protection for our clients propels us to constantly lobby to change the law.

The firm’s Regulatory Law team can help you obtain the required authorizations and licenses mandated by federal, state, and local government authorities.