Information Technology Law Group

OLIVARES’ expertise in representing the intellectual property rights of technological companies worldwide has enabled us to advocate for our clients in one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy. Our attorneys possess specialized industry awareness allowing us to effectively navigate global regulatory and business challenges in a broad range of transactions. We provide innovative solutions, practical advice, and strategic approaches as we represent clients in the telecommunications, E-commerce, Social Media, data privacy, and energy industries. Our IT practice extends across our patent, copyright, trademark, corporate, regulatory, contractual and litigation groups as we navigate the constantly evolving field of technology. Our firm was recognized as an Excellent Firm by the Leaders League Ranking of TMT Mexican firms and as a Highly Recommended firm in the field of Data Protection.

We advise on a variety of IP related IT areas:

  • Patent opinions
  • Trademark strategic counseling and prosecution
  • Litigation
  • Regulatory advice
  • Licensing agreements for technology transfers
  • Website domain name issues

As leaders in the IP field we work with a wealth of tech clients. The specialist technical and engineering knowledge we have in-house has allowed our corporate group to learn and understand the core assets of tech businesses, the technology itself. With this relatively unique knowledge we can add significant value when advising in the following areas:

  • Compliance- Privacy, Antitrust, FCPA, and Anti-bribery
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Financing & funding

We represent clients in all aspects of technology law, but the following highlights of our work exhibit our ability to approach the technological needs of our clients in precedent setting ways:

  • OLIVARES is the first Mexican Law firm gained patent protection for computer related inventions. It is an important precedent in Mexico where it was resolved to reverse the summary denial of a patent application in which IMPI considered the invention as a computer program itself, which must be rejected as an invention under the Mexican IP Legislation, OLIVARES demonstrated and convinced the Court that the invention it is not a computer program itself. This sets a clear precedent for software providers to be able to gain some forms of IP patent protection for software.
  • OLIVARES has implemented effective anti-counterfeit campaigns for technology related IP assets, getting border measures; which allowed IP owners stop infringements within Mexican Territory right from the initial source of infringement, including Patent Design enforcement of literal and imitation infringements.
  • OLIVARES is and has been involved in many IP disputes and licensing deals in fields related to Hardware, Software, Internet, TV and Telecom industries, representing some of the largest international and domestic companies in those fields.