Mexican Patent Office excludes Formulation Patents from Linkage Gazette

POR ALEJANDRO LUNA SOCIO PATENT DOCS, 2010 On Friday, August 13, 2010, the Mexican Trademark and Patent Office (IMPI) made available through its website the new edition of the Linkage Gazette (Mexican health and IP law regulations require IMPI to publish a gazette every six months listing patents in force that cover allopathic drugs).  Regrettably, IMPI[...]
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Reform of preliminary injunctions

POR ARMANDO ARENAS INTERNATIONAL BRIEFINGS, MANAGING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, OCTOBER 2010 According to the current wording of the Mexican IP Law, injunctions can be imposed during the course of an infringement action related to trademarks, patents or slogans, and the plaintiff has to post a bond of an amount fixed by the Patent of Trade Mark Office[...]
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