At OLIVARES, we strive to make a positive impact on the wider community. We believe that our responsibility, as legal professionals, extends to using our skills and resources to benefit society at large. We regularly partner with local non-profit organizations and charities to support various causes, such as education, healthcare, and social welfare initiatives. Through volunteer efforts, donations, and sponsorships, we aim to create lasting, meaningful change and contribute to the overall well-being of the communities we serve.



In an effort to promote access to education and culture in rural communities in Mexico, OLIVARES, in collaboration with the organization Book Collectors, carried out a donation campaign of books, videos, and CDs with the aim of establishing libraries in remote areas of the country. The initiative has proven to be a resounding success, successfully collecting over 700 books, thus enriching access to information and literature in these marginalized regions.
The campaign, which spanned several weeks, mobilized OLIVARES’ staff and friends, who generously contributed their time and resources to make this noble cause possible. Donors provided a variety of content, ensuring that these rural libraries become comprehensive and diversified cultural centers.
OLIVARES’ campaign has not only established physical libraries but has also contributed to strengthening the social and cultural fabric of these communities. This success is a testament to the power of collaboration and generosity, highlighting the importance of initiatives that aim to build a more educated and inclusive future for all Mexicans, regardless of their geographical location.



At OLIVARES, we recognize the importance of training our employees in environmental issues. We believe that this training not only strengthens our image as a responsible firm but also positions us as a law firm interested in sustainable practices. The investment in training aims to foster an organizational culture committed to social responsibility and prepare us for the challenges of a greener economy. We believe that by empowering our employees with knowledge of sustainability, we contribute to general well-being and build a future in harmony with the natural environment.


Nov- 09-2023

OLIVARES recientemente apadrinó algunos pequeñitos de la Fundación Giordanna Nahoul con el fin de que puedan recibir todos los cuidados necesarios para en la medida de lo posible se integren a la sociedad

Te contamos un poco de la Fundación: En 1993, la Fundación Giordanna Nahoul, I. A. P. fue establecida con el propósito de introducir la Delfino-terapia en México y llevar a cabo el proyecto de Teletón en Televisa. Desde entonces, la fundación ha brindado atención a más de mil niños y jóvenes, logrando resultados destacados.

La Razón de Ser de la fundación consiste en proporcionar a los pequeños todas las herramientas necesarias para alcanzar su autonomía, estimulando diversas áreas de desarrollo mediante terapias como la física, ocupacional, psicológica, de lenguaje, senso-percepción, hidroterapia, natación, musicoterapia, baile, entre otras.

Además, la fundación se dedica a brindar apoyo a las familias, ayudándolas a comprender la experiencia y trabajando conjuntamente para obtener resultados óptimos. Al mismo tiempo, se promueve la integración de los niños a la sociedad, potenciando sus habilidades cognitivas, conductuales, afectivas y emocionales a través de programas diseñados para satisfacer sus necesidades educativas y de rehabilitación. El objetivo principal es buscar la autosuficiencia de los niños, mejorando así su calidad de vida y la de sus familias, siempre respetando sus Derechos Humanos.



When Cyclone OTIS challenged our society with indescribable devastation in Guerrero, we as a country faced a tragedy that tested our ability to come together and show empathy towards our affected brethren. In that critical moment, the Partners and the great team at OLIVARES did not hesitate to respond with an act of solidarity, delivering urgent aid directly into the hands of those who needed it most.

However, we want to emphasize that we will continue to provide support for the strengthening of Guerrero. We recognize that recovery is not a one-time process but a continuous journey that will require persistent and collaborative efforts. Therefore, we commit to continuing our support for the victims to help restore hope and strengthen the resilience of our brothers and sisters in distress.

At OLIVARES, we understand that this commitment is not just a social responsibility but a reminder that as a society, we are stronger when we work together. #StrengthGuerrero #TogetherResilient #UnwaveringCommitment”



The health of our employees is our priority! At OLIVARES, we believe in the importance of taking care of our team and their families, and one of the best ways to do so is through vaccination.
Vaccines not only protect our employees from serious illnesses but are also a crucial part of curbing the spread of diseases in the workplace and the community at large. It not only ensures a safer working environment but also contributes to public health.

At OLIVARES, we work to provide convenient and efficient access to vaccines for our employees and their families. We believe that prevention is crucial, and by getting vaccinated, we are contributing to the well-being of everyone.

If you get vaccinated, remember that, in addition to protecting yourself, you are also protecting your coworkers, friends, and family. Together, we can make a difference and combat diseases.

#GetVaccinatedToday #HealthAtWork #Prevention #Wellbeing #HealthyTeam



Brand Action is an initiative of the global trademark community to support people in times of crisis. Initially launched in response to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict to aid Ukrainians, Brand Action is now hosting a fundraiser in Singapore to support World Central Kitchen, feeding earthquake-affected people in Turkey and Syria, and Leleka, which distributes first-aid packs in Ukraine.

OLIVARES is a proud sponsor of Brand Action.


OLIVARES supports women artisans who are an example of creativity and craft work in today’s México. They are preserving inherited ancestral techniques, highlighting care to detail. The artisans of Olinalá and Temalacatzingo contribute to the development of these skills that maintain our traditions and are, in addition, a fundamental element in each of their families.

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