Recognizing the importance of equal access to justice, we are committed to upholding our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through the provision of pro bono services. We believe that our legal expertise should be used not only to serve our clients but also to make a positive impact on society by assisting those who may not have the resources to secure quality legal representation. Our pro bono efforts focus on a diverse range of issues, including civil rights, social welfare, and community development, ensuring that we address the most pressing needs of our community. By offering our skills and knowledge at no cost to individuals and organizations in need, we strive to bridge the justice gap and contribute to the creation of a more equitable and just society.

Brand Action es una iniciativa de la comunidad global de marcas para apoyar a las personas en tiempos de crisis. Inicialmente lanzada en respuesta al conflicto ruso-ucraniano para ayudar a los ucranianos, Brand Action organizará una recaudación de fondos en Singapur para apoyar a World Central Kitchen, que alimenta a las personas afectadas por terremotos en Turquía y Siria, y a Leleka, y que distribuye botiquines de primeros auxilios en Ucrania.

OLIVARES se enorgullece de ser patrocinador de Brand Action.

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