Sergio L. Olivares

Active partner Sergio Olivares has a significant contentious IP practice and a great deal of experience in the field, particularly in patents. Market commentators underline his leadership role within the firm.

Luis Schmidt

Partner Luis Schmidt is well respected for having carved out a niche in copyright entertainment. With over 30 years of experience, he regularly advises pre-eminent global clients in the music, film and television sectors. Pre-eminent partner Luis Schmidt boasts an esteemed practice in the entertainment sector. He advises well-known clients on copyright mandates and is routinely sought out by key companies from the film, music, media and television spheres.

Alejandro Luna F

Head of IP litigation, partner Alejandro Luna Fandiño commands a remarkable reputation in the market for his patent litigation practice on behalf of pharmaceutical heavyweights. Labelled "a high-quality lawyer" by one peer, he receives top-tier endorsement from clients, for instance.

Daniel Sánchez

Key partner Daniel Sánchez remains active in patent and trade mark prosecution, as well as IP disputes. 

Key partner Sergio Olivares leads the patents team, drawing upon over 25 years of experience in general IP law, and particularly patent prosecution, enforcement and litigation. The market endorses his activity in this space, commenting: “He is a very good lawyer, serious and dedicated.

He is the head of the firm” Intellectual Property: Acclaimed partner Alejandro Luna Fandiño is described by a client as “a very knowledgeable, skilled and responsive lawyer.” “I like his working style, as it is easy to speak to him. He is a pragmatic and down-to-earth person.” Life Sciences: “He is a master of this area and a spectacular lawyer who treats you in such a way that makes you feel at home.

Not only does he adapt to your requirements, he also lets you know about things that you did not even know you needed. He understands the industry in a structural way. He knows what clients need,” one client enthuses. Daniel Sanchez. a client shares: “He is good at working in a team and dealing with other lawyers.

He makes recommendations that are easy for clients to understand,” a client appreciates.Sources add: “He’s very straightforward, easy to understand and timely.” Luis Schmidt Market sources confirm his thriving practice, explaining: “He is very good litigating on copyright issues and is one of the few who specialises in film and cinema. All the big names in the industry use him.” “a pillar in copyright matters in Mexico.”