Sergio Barragan

Sergio Barragan is the Senior Legal Director and Trademark Counsel for PepsiCo. He is responsible for the food and beverage PepsiCo´s trademark portfolio in the Latin American region, in which several well-known brands exceeding the US$1B value can be identified, such as PEPSI, LAY’S, DORITOS, CHEETOS, QUAKER and GATORADE, as well as some other important recent acquisitions like ROCKSTAR and POPCORNERS. Sergio has more than 26 years of experience in the IP field, and his practice is focused on trademarks, copyright, portfolio management, IP litigation and conflicts, as well as strategic counseling and related matters. Sergio also provides counseling to the PepsiCo Global Foods Group in a wider range of legal issues, which includes securing consistency of the major global food brands across the globe. Before joining PepsiCo almost 19 years ago, Sergio was a senior associate at Santamarina y Steta, one of the top and most recognized full-service law firms in Mexico. Here is where he started his journey with Intellectual Property, learning about trademarks, copyrights, patents and plant varieties, amongst other IP related matters, not only for Mexico but all around the world. This is where Sergio felt in love with Intellectual Property Sergio is an active member of several professional organizations, with special focus at the International Trademark Association, where he has contributed in several positions, such as the Board of Directors and the Brand Restrictions Committee, both for the 2020-2022 term. He was also the co-chair of INTA Annual Live+ Meeting in Washington D.C. in 2022, and now has been invited to join INTA´s executive committee to cover the Secretary officer position. Sergio loves boxing and cars, so every time he has some free time he is either punching the bag or trying to restore his old VW beetle bug.