New formats of the Mexican Copyright Office (INDAUTOR).

The authority published on January 26 in the Official Gazette of the Federation an Agreement in which are disclosed the updated formats for procedures before the Mexican Copyright Office, Decentralized Administrative Body of the Ministry of Culture, which establishes that:

  • The official formats for the procedures in charge of the Mexican Copyright Office are disclosed and can be found in the Sole Annex of the Agreement.
  • The formats may be freely reproduced in any medium, but these should not be altered, and if applicable, these must be printed on letter-size white sheets.
  • The Mexican Copyright Office, as responsible for each procedure, must have publicly and available to those who request it, the formats referred to in this Agreement, either in print or through its respective web page.

The formats for the procedures referred to in this Agreement, as well as the information for carrying them out, may be consulted on the web portal page in the section “Procedures”, “Education”, “Culture “.

In the transitory articles it is established that:

  • The formats applicable to the Mexican Copyright Office, published through the Agreement that discloses the forms of procedures of the Decentralized Administrative Bodies of the Ministry of Culture, in order to bring the population closer to the general sufficient means to request and manage the procedures in charge of the various Administrative Units and Decentralized Administrative Bodies of the Ministry of Culture, dated September 23, 2019, in the Official Gazette of the Federation.
  • The procedures that are pending resolution prior to the date of entry into force of this Agreement, must be resolved in accordance with the provisions in force at the time of its presentation.
  • The formats in force prior to the publication of this Agreement may be received up to two months after its entry into force. As of the business day following the deadline, only the new published formats will be received.

It is important to mention that the formats that do have important changes are:

  • RPDA-03.- In the section destined to indicate the accompanying documents, the wording has changed to establish that you must present two copies of the contract duly signed, with this, it is now possible to present contracts that have been signed electronically for registration, since that does not indicate the limitation that they must be contracts with autograph signature.

  • RPDA-04-A.- On page 1, in the general data section, there was an error in the field intended to indicate the place of birth, since it contained the indication of day, month and year. It has already been corrected and can be seen in the section intended to provide the date of birth.
  • RD-01-02 and RD-03-04-05.- They already allow, as in the case of the Registry, the designation of a manager (person authorized to hear and receive notifications).

The other formats were only updated in terms of the telephone number corresponding to the toll-free number, in response to recent changes in terms of 10-digit dialing.


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